Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Earn Money Writing My Collection of Articles on Different Types of Writing

I am writing this article to show new writers that there are many different ways of earning money from your writing.  No you don’t have to settle for writing helpful articles on a variety of subjects, you can write Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, or if you don’t think you can write fictional stories then you could even write autobiographies.

Or you may want to become a ghost writer; there are so many ways to enjoy making an income even in your own home from a variety of the above types of writing.

For that reason I have compiled a list of links to some of my various articles on different types of writing. There are also links on those pages of other types of articles that may be of interest.

Correct use of words

I am one of many that have difficulties using the right words and knowing how to structure sentences in the correct way.  Yes I was born in Australia so the English language should be easier for me.  That is the reason I gave up writing fiction and turned to article writing because for me I could write how I felt about a subject.  Without being continually chastised on my choice of dialogue or choice of words.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Choose to Landscape with Brick pavers or Imitation and Fake Lawn

We all need to take more care with the way we spend our money in these troubled times. Landscaping with brick pavers or imitation and fake lawn is one of those decisions we need to think about and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Water restrictions mean we need to look for alternative ways to save our precious water. Therefore by using brick paving or  imitation and fake lawns.

Brick Pavers
Brick pavers look great and come in a variety of colors.  They can also be laid in many different patterns depending on your personal choice and the area to be paved.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Training Commands for your Dog

So you have just been given your new puppy and he is starting to test your patience.  You badly need learn the best training commands for your dog.

First of all if you want your dog to be house trained then this is where you need to start by toilet training him.  There is nothing worse than little puddles all over the new carpets.

Once your dog has learned how to behave inside you will then have to train him with other commands like: sit, drop and stay.  Many people do not realise the importance of the stay command.  This simple command may save your dogs' life.

If for instance you are out on your front lawn and a cat suddenly races out in front of you, the stay command could save him from chasing the cat across the road and being hurt from a passing car.

There are books that you can buy on ways to train your dog to do tricks although I would make sure you have complete control of him with basic commands first before teaching him fancy extras.
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Creating Gifts with the Art of Pyrography or Woodburning

When thinking of creating gifts for your loved one, have you ever thought of making something from the art of Pyrography or Woodburning?

Once again you do not have to be an expert.  A beginner has to start somewhere and where better than in your own home.  Yes you can learn almost anything on the internet these days or if you would rather go to a Tafe then enrol in one close to your home.

Before you know it you will be able to create little gifts, like sayings on wood similar to "Gone Fishing" or "Home Sweet Home".

As you progress with more experience you can learn how to draw pictures with a wood burning pen and other pyrography woodworking tools 

You can also download patterns and more information on the internet free by typing your request into the search bar on Google.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ideas on downloading free Sewing Patterns

If you have ever thought of learning to sew and you haven't got the pattern you want then don't despair. With the ever evolving technology of the internet now anyone can learn more and more right from their own homes

There are many places on the internet that you can find ideas on downloading free sewing patterns, both for the beginner or the expert.

Once you gain more experience, you can make things to give away as gifts or sell them on many of the auction sites like eBay or at your own garage or yard sales.

Learn more about downloading patterns

Learn How to Start Earning Money from Writing

If you are interested in earning money in your spare time on your home computer by writing then this is the article that will help to get you started. 
You will need to learn a few of the basics before you get started. 
Writing Articles about things that you have experienced yourself is the best way to get started. Everyone can write about something, if they think about the things they have done over their lifetime.

Never do the following:
  • Never pay marketing gurus for a get rich quick system you only help them
  • Never pay to join a writing site as they should be free
Do this and you will start to earn money:
  • Always write informative articles to help people
  • back link your articles to reputable sites
  • Spell check your work before uploading
  • Add images to your articles as these earn you more money
  • Write more than 600 words
  • Read other writers articles and comment on them they will usually return the favor
  • Read all the to do's of all sites before uploading articles

How to get you started

That should give you an idea of the variety of topics that anyone can write about.  Now you need to think about how you will write it.

Beginning: You need to catch the readers attention by wetting their interest in what you are writing about.  

Middle:  This is where you inform them on how to make or do something or explain different information about your topic so they will learn something new.

End:  You need to finish of  by summarizing the information and main points of your article. And you can also give them information on where they can learn more on this subject. 

There are many ways of learning tips on how to earn money from writing articles on the internet.

You can research the use of SEO and how to find the best keywords on the internet. Or you could buy books on  ways for using words in your articles. Whichever way you decide upon you will need to read, read and read to improve the way you write and earn money on the internet.

For instance you can leave a link like the following for them to go and learn more       
Now if you are itching to get Started:

Look at the panel on the right and click to Join one of those sites :Infobarrel, Hubpages, RedGage or somewhere entirely different and start writing and earning money for yourself. No it won't happen overnight but it will happen if you persist, and every little bit helps to pay those bills.  Good Luck.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to start an Aviary with a variety of Mixed Birds

My short video on a mixture of my beautiful birds
There is nothing better than having an aviary in your own back yard.  Whether you are relaxing with a book or having a barbecue you will see the beautiful birds either building their little finch nests, or the larger birds trying to attract their mates attention.

You will be surprised how much time you will sit outside and become fascinated by their different activities.
When you think about starting an aviary you have to decide which type of birds you want to keep in that aviary. 

The best way to be sure that birds will be happy together is put new birds in a cage next to the other birds.  If they become agitated in any way then definitely do not add them to the other mixed bird aviary. read more about aviaries