Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Training Commands for your Dog

So you have just been given your new puppy and he is starting to test your patience.  You badly need learn the best training commands for your dog.

First of all if you want your dog to be house trained then this is where you need to start by toilet training him.  There is nothing worse than little puddles all over the new carpets.

Once your dog has learned how to behave inside you will then have to train him with other commands like: sit, drop and stay.  Many people do not realise the importance of the stay command.  This simple command may save your dogs' life.

If for instance you are out on your front lawn and a cat suddenly races out in front of you, the stay command could save him from chasing the cat across the road and being hurt from a passing car.

There are books that you can buy on ways to train your dog to do tricks although I would make sure you have complete control of him with basic commands first before teaching him fancy extras.
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