Friday, July 15, 2011

Be creative and Learn from Crochet mistakes

If you are one of those people learning to crochet and you make a mistake then don't let it worry you. With a little bit of creativity you might still be able to make something unique. That's right you have to look outside your comfort zone and think of ways to still use them.

Use wrong size crochet hook or thread

How many times have you gone to make something and found you don’t have the right size crochet hook or thread? Instead of going to the shop to buy the one to match what the pattern requires you decide to make do with what you have. I have done this on a few occasions.

This could cause a problem as the article grows. In some cases you may have to allow extra stitches on corners or an extra one placed evenly around a circular doily for instance. You need to do a small practice piece to see if it will work or not.

Use same tension

This is the hard part when trying to crochet especially for a learner. Make sure that the cotton you use is loose enough coming off the ball and not pulled too tight as you work because it will tighten the loops on your hook. As you can see in these pictures, if you have the wrong stitch size or incorrect number of chain stitches you make it could alter the shape of your garment.

Iron or starch this one flat

It may cause it to bulge up or actually turn the edges up like in this picture. Great if you wanted to make a hat instead of a flat doily.

You can still use these with a little bit of imagination and camouflage. The flat doily could still be ironed or starched flat and then when you place a dish or vase over the top no one will notice the difference

Starch doily and turn up edges and leave to dry

The one where the edges have turned up you could starch and make it look like a bowl and use to store fruit or nuts or something similar. Or even use both together like I have used in the picture.

Never give up
Whatever you do, don’t become frustrated and let it stop you from creating wonderful crochet articles. On the other hand if you do not have lot of patience then try making small crochet toys this is a good way to use a lot of scrap wools and cottons.

If you do not have children yourself you could make little novelties and give them away to a variety of charities. You would be amazed how much pleasure they would give to children without any presents this Christmas.

Or if you are too busy why not teach your children to crochet and make gift to give away to charities


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