Sunday, July 31, 2011

Learn How to Earn Money with Articles and Photos on RedGage

The next time you go on holiday make sure that you take your camera and capture not only for wonderful memories in years to come but use them to earn money by uploading these great images on RedGage. Yes anyone can earn money simply by submitting your photos for others to enjoy and comment about on at RedGage.

You can also add articles that you write on your blogs or other sites where you earn money from writing with Google Adsense. Therefore you not only earn from adsense but earn money from RedGage for the same article by adding the articles URL or link to RedGage.  This is one way of directing more traffic to your original article with a back link.

You can also Import all your networking things from Twitter or Facebook in one go.

RedGage pays you with a Visa Card.  Once you have accumulated the minimum amount you can withdraw your money once it goes onto the RedGage visa card all you have to do is spend it.  How easy is that?

RedGage also has a contest where they select someone every day to win $25.  I have won it twice and that was truly fantastic.  Not only that you may be lucky and have articles featured which will earn you even more.

So what are you waiting for start making money, join RedGage as a new member today and add your content from other sites like

Now that you have joined RedGage start promoting your work from other sites for reader to learn from you. Remember to leave good comments on your friends work and they will return the favor. The more you promote your work the more you will earn and become know for your great articles


  1. Wonderful article. Thank you for writing it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it

  3. Hi Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really like this blog here and I am searching for the followers button....I don't see it underneath "Follower"? Also I am a member at Redgage too and I think it is an awesome site. See ya around.

  4. thanks tammy
    Thefollowers is on the right hand side of pages under the you say too banner

  5. I joined RedGage recently and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  6. Hi Vinaya, Yes it is a very friendly site and you can earn money there too. Thanks for commenting