Thursday, July 7, 2011

Right or Left Hand you can still make Crochet Gifts for Christmas

Many people have the idea that being left handed limits their chances of making a variety of different crafts.  That is so wrong.  Because you see a pattern with the instructions showing a right handed person in the picture does not stop the left handed person doing the same thing. 

If you have a problem just photo copy the picture and then paste it into your photo program like Paint shop pro or photo shop and flip the mirror image.

Now you can see it is not so daunting, the only difference is using your left instead of your right hand.

How to make a chain for the right handed person.

To start you need to make a loop, the right handed person holds the end of yarn in left hand and the crochet hook in right hand. Now push the hook through the loop and put yarn round hook and pull back through the loop. You have now created your first chain stitch. Practice this with a scrap of crochet cotton so as not to ruin your new yarn.  Then do it a few more times to make sure you will soon be doing it like a pro.

The left handed person will do this the same except they will hold the yarn in the right hand and hook in the left.

Crochet is a terrific way to keep your hands busy while watching TV especially in the winter months when your fingers are so cold.

If you are looking for new ideas or different patterns then you can download free crochet patterns online. You can find patterns for baby clothes, crochet toys, crochet tops for the children or patterns for doilies or tablecloths once you feel more confident to try your hand at.

Whatever type of crochet you make I hope you enjoy learning a new craft so you can make others a lovely gift that they cannot make themselves.


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