Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wearing the right shoes could prevent Back Injuries

Wearing the wrong shoes could cause you more problems than you realize.  Everyone's feet are not the same so they need to make sure that the shoes they wear fit your feet right.

Weak ankles
Weak ankles can cause even more problems.  If you have weak ankles then by wearing very high heeled shoes your ankle could give way at any time, this often happens when walking on uneven ground. The worst part of rolling or twisting your ankle it will cause you excruciating pain at the time and this pain in some instances could carry on for many years if not treated right.

Good fitting School Shoes

Start by making sure your children have correctly fitted school shoes.  Too many children wear shoes that do not support their foot.  Add this to the way they carry those heavy school bags and your child could end up with many years of suffering from a bad back.

Treatment of sprain

When this happens the best thing to do to ease the immediate swelling is to apply an ice pack and keep weight off of your foot.

Flat feet

Many people do not understand that some feet have high arches which may drop and turn in without correct support.  This will cause a posture problem although this can be treated with the correct innersoles.  Others are called flat footed because their feet are flat with no arch.

Posture Innersoles

If you have this problem then try buying a pair of posture innersoles which will correct the balance of your feet.  These innersoles can be cut and trimmed to suit your individual foot.  This will also alleviate a lot of the pain in your legs and back.


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