Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lose Weight walking on the Beach and Collect Shells to make Gifts

Mixture of different Seashells

We all need to spend time walking on the beach while on holidays. Not only is it a rewarding experience we can lose weight  as we collect shells and use them to make beautiful gifts for Christmas or Birthdays.

You can find shells on all beaches; although some will have cowrie shells or cone shells where another beach may only have small little cockle shells.  Others may have conche shells or if you are really lucky you may even find bigger shells.

The best time to find good shells if after a big blow or a storm. Then you need to get down to the beach early before everyone else does so you get the pick of the crop.  You may even find a paper nautilus, these are very fragile almost as the title suggests like paper.

Variety of different colored and size shells

Cleaning Seashells
As soon as you bring your shells home, you need to make sure to remove any dead crabs or shellfish.  You can do this by placing in a plastic bag and freeze them then pick out with tweezers. Or you could place them on an ant nest and let them eat the meat out of the shells.

Different colored and sized Cowrie shells

Now you need to soak your shells in a solution of water and bleach.  Rinse in clean water when clean. You can wipe them with baby oil to give them a shine.

If you are creative and making gifts then you will need to sort out your shells and design how you will make your gifts.  Always lay them out and work out the best way to display them weather on driftwood or making a shell light you need to plan.  Once you have done this glue them in place.  You can add a light coat of lacquer to give them a shine and bring out their natural colors.

Seashell Jewelry making

Making jewelry is a great way to use your seashells.  Either with small shells with holes already in them or drill a hole with a needle. Use this hole to thread them if a beautiful array of colored shells.
You can also use broken pieces that you can find on the edge of the water that the sand and ocean have smoothed and shined over time as the waves go in and out.

Selection of smooth pieces of shell for Jewelry making

Why not try making something with your shells and remember you can also lose weight while walking along the beach to find them.  If you are not sure what to make then here are some other sea shell gift ideas to try.


  1. I can't think of anything better than a walk on the beach. My mother used to make large pictures totally covered with shells, sand, and things she found while beach combing. She just placed them, crowded together as you would find them after a storm.

    1. Thanks Delores, that must have been wonderful and it is so refreshing early in the morning on a nice day. There is something special seeing the sunrise early in the morning.
      And walking is good for you too.

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