Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gift ideas for the Hard to Buy Person for this Christmas

As our parents or friends age most people find it harder to buy that special gift for them so here are a few suggestions. Let's face it, you can only have so many ornaments in one household. Once you retire we all need to cut back on our workload instead of creating more things to clean and dust.

A food parcel can never go astray because we all need to eat no matter how old we are.

Grocery Gift Basket

  • You can buy a woven basket or fold-up shopping basket and collect several different types groceries that they would not normally buy for themselves because of the cost.
  • Fill it with all sorts of Christmas food items like nuts, short bread biscuits, nibbles, fruit mince pies etc.
  • Fill it with tinned Christmas foods like tinned ham, oysters, Christmas pudding or Christmas cake
  • Fill it with a variety of Sweets, chocolates, Christmas assortments of sweets.
Wine or alcohol products
  • This does not have to be alcoholic, for the non drinker you could by an assortment of the non alcoholic drinks.
  • Select an assortment of the small bottles of alcohol
For the Traveler
  • You could buy things for their caravan or traveling type of vehicle
  • Luggage
  • Tickets for a trip or weekend away
Whatever you buy for your friends or family, make sure that it is something that they can and will use and not take up space in an already overcrowded home.

What NOT to BUY

Never ever buy someone a pet for Christmas unless you know for sure that they really want the type of pet you are buying.  Too many pets are bought and left unwanted to roam the streets and end up being euthanized because of irresponsible people that do not understand the person they are buying for.


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  2. Philosopher, thanks for stopping by. Will check yours out.

  3. Just thinking about the drink basket - there are so many wonderful juice drinks now that come in small sizes. What a great gift, one I am sure that I'd appreciate.

    1. Delores, yes you are so right about that. Its a case of thinking outside the box and coming up with fresh ideas like yours. thanks again. Eileen