Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do we know what we are paying for when buying food

I have to be honest when saying that I hate going shopping these days.  We have no real idea where or how our food is made or processed.

Supermarkets and the like mix products like fruit and vegetables on their shelves. When you buy a kilo of oranges for instance you may have some with pips and some without or navels mixed with other varieties.

Most of the products on our shelves is so misrepresented that we have no way of knowing what or anything is processed in the country of origin.

For instance Australian made could mean:
  • Some of the product is Australian
  • The paper or cardboard packaging is Australian
  • It could have a mixture of imported and Australian produce
Why are we being lied to?

Why cannot the powers to be enforce the manufacturers to label products correct?

Why are we all treated like fools.  Can't someone in the top office have enough gumption to stand up and stop these things from happening.  Start treating people with a bit of decency and they in turn might start to respect them in return.


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