Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Use your blog to backlink and showcase your writing

Thousands of people are earning money on the internet by writing from home. They may have spent hours writing the articles but unless they are seen they will not be read.

More people are achieving success by using their blog to showcase their writing on Info barrel or other sites.  Not only will people read their work they may click on one of their ads and earn even more money.

Types of blogs

Your blog can be a niche site for making crafts, like woodwork, lead lighting, or ways to earn money from writing.  Then again you may want to show and display some of your beautiful photos to people that cant afford or only dream of traveling to.  Or your photos may give them ideas on where to spend their next holiday because of your descriptions and photos of those places.

If you have a knowledge of music then you use your blog to sell musical instruments like guitars, or teach beginners the basics on how to play one.

There are thousands of reasons to create a blog of your own and at the same time use it to create natural back links to other writing sites or other blogs.


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