Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Traveling with dogs is not as hard as you may think

Just because you are taking a trip in a caravan doesn't mean you have to leave your dog home.  In fact even more Caravan Parks are realizing that they need to cater to travelers with dogs.  Yes there are disadvantages:

You cannot go into National Parks, although you could book them into a kennel for the day.  If you wish to do that you need to make sure the dogs vaccinations are up to date and in most cases will request proof of this.

The benefit of traveling with your dog does add a certain amount of protection, although that will of course depend on the type and size of your dog.  I feel so much better traveling with our Blue Heeler.

On our trip around Australia 3 years ago their was a distinct reluctance to cater for dogs in Caravan Parks. We have noticed on this trip that about 7 out of 10 travels in caravans have a dog and the parks are starting to realize that they are losing money if they do not accept this fact.

Instead of signs saying "no dogs" they now say "dogs on application".  Realistically if they turn away 2 clients a day think how much money they have lost on empty sites over a month or even a year.  They can no longer afford to lose this money.
 Our Blue Heeler Titan even loves Rolling on Stones

Let's face it dogs enjoy a holiday too.  Especially walks in the bush and trips to the beach especially if they love the ocean.

So think again before you leave your lovable dog home with people that do not really care for them. In some cases a dog will fret and not eat because they miss their masters.