Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Easy Seashell Crafts for Kids to Make

If you are thinking of going to the beach anytime soon then be prepared by taking a bucket with you to let your children collect loads of seashells from the beach.  Shells can be used to make wonderful crafts and gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Children have a great imagination: so let them explore their creative ideas once they have collected their shells of different colors and types. Small shells are great for jewelry, while the larger ones can be used for making a variety of crafts and gifts.

This is a collection of ideas for children to make, with the help of parents or grandparents to make the frames or bases or if you cannot help out then contribute to help buy the articles for the children to use and create their masterpieces.  I am sure you will be proud of the different ideas and creations they come up with.  Working together with your children will also build a better relationship with your child.

Children can make their own jewelry from shells by stringing them altogether on a fishing line and buying a clasp from any local craft shop.  Once they feel more confident they can make them for friends as gifts for different occasions.

Picture Frames
Shells can be used to decorate the family photo frame or grandmas picture.  Buy some craft glue from the craft shop and arrange a collection of shells around the edge then glue each shell in the appropriate place.  Make sure they look evenly balanced.  You would not want larger shells on one side and smaller ones on the other.  Be sure that it looks professional.

Mirrors look terrific when edged with a variety of colored shells.  Use the same principle as with the picture frames.  This time you can be a little more creative.  Ask someone to cut your mirror into different shapes; hearts, diamonds, rectangles, or any design that your imagination can come up with. 

The main thing is to let your imagination loose, think outside the box and try to find something different that no one else has created or seen before.  Then add your shells in a unique way.  So that your one will stand out from the normal square original one.

Other Ideas for shells

Door stops
These can be created with the aid of some driftwood also picked up from your recent trip to the beach. Ask a friend that has experience with woodwork if they will make you something that you can stick some sprigs of ivy or similar and then glue your shells in a wonderful display for your doorstop.

Fruit baskets
The base of these can be made from anything at all.  The main thing is to create the surrounds of your fruit basket with your shells.  Make this a prominent or feature of your fruit bowl.

Now that I have given you a few different ideas, I hope that parents and friends will help your children or even neighbors children to make some wonderful creations with sea shells.  This will not only help to keep the children occupied but creative at the same time, and also learn different ways to work together with members of their family creating better relationships.


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