Monday, May 18, 2015

Writing as a Family With Similar Craft Interests

I have enjoyed writing for years as a novice although I now write together with my daughter on another site.  We share the same interests like photography, crafts,  mosaics, crochet, and my husband also enjoys working with glass which we love the things he makes.

This is Sharon's latest project of Mosaics the nearly finished bird bath that will go next to their fish pond. Do you think the birds will think they will catch a fish for dinner when they first get to see this?

Looks great now it finished.

My daughter works full time yet she still has time to do these and believe me it is not always easy. Especially as she has teenagers that keep her busy as they are both planning their weddings one year apart, so she has to save for these too.  Many times she has cuts all over her fingers from cutting tiles and when she includes glass into her creations as this is sharper still when creating these things.

Personally I prefer to travel, although yes I do crochet, create shell novelties and spend time with my camera taking photos of birds.  This is another interest that we share as Sharon has a bigger camera and lens than me and takes her photography more serious.

We share all the things we do on her site at Infobarrel

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Earn Extra Money for Christmas from Home or online

Looking for a new way to Earn Money

With Christmas just around the corner many people are looking for a new exciting way to earn money.  If you live in Australia and looking for something new to try, then become an individual consultant selling Scentsy Products.

There are many different types of Products and Fragrances

Fragrance collections:
  • Corner Cafe
  • Favourites
  • Romance
  • Scentsy Man
  • Simply Scentsy
  • Spa
  • Tropical
  • Seasonal
  • Holiday

Bath and Body Shower and Bath:
  • Lotions
  • Body Spray
  • Hands

Plus a lot more items. There is also specials on sales each month.
For more information :cut925.scentsy

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home Made Christmas Gifts from your Kitchen

Have you ever thought of making your friends and family a Christmas gift right from your own kitchen.
Many people are sick of receiving gifts that are purchased from a shop.  In most cases the person has not really even put any thought into purchasing the gift.

They are often in a hurry and just run into the shop and grab the first thing they see. There is a better option. Why not make something with your own two hands. Something that the person will know that you actually put an effort into making especially for them.  Simply because they really care about you, that's why they have spent hours making this gift to give you.

Make something from your own Kitchen

There are many things that you could do like bottling pickled onions, olives or cooking your favorite apple pie.

This article is to show you how to make  Read more on how to make both these recipes as they are very simple to make and recipes are easy to follow.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Keeping our pets memories alive

We all love our pets no matter what type of pet we have.  It is amazing how many people think so much of our pets, always thinking ours is the best.  I know we do.

We all dread that time when we may no longer have them with us so we have to make sure we have so many memories in our photo albums, or on our computers.

Capture all those memories by taking photos whenever you can.  These will make you laugh or cry when you no longer have your loved one with you.  Keep your wonderful mate with you forever with photos
This photo was taken when our dog was a pup. I am so glad I have this photo as we lost our wonderful cat Ninja a couple of months later.  Although he did have a great innings and gave us 16 years of wonderful memories.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Traveling with dogs is not as hard as you may think

Just because you are taking a trip in a caravan doesn't mean you have to leave your dog home.  In fact even more Caravan Parks are realizing that they need to cater to travelers with dogs.  Yes there are disadvantages:

You cannot go into National Parks, although you could book them into a kennel for the day.  If you wish to do that you need to make sure the dogs vaccinations are up to date and in most cases will request proof of this.

The benefit of traveling with your dog does add a certain amount of protection, although that will of course depend on the type and size of your dog.  I feel so much better traveling with our Blue Heeler.

On our trip around Australia 3 years ago their was a distinct reluctance to cater for dogs in Caravan Parks. We have noticed on this trip that about 7 out of 10 travels in caravans have a dog and the parks are starting to realize that they are losing money if they do not accept this fact.

Instead of signs saying "no dogs" they now say "dogs on application".  Realistically if they turn away 2 clients a day think how much money they have lost on empty sites over a month or even a year.  They can no longer afford to lose this money.
 Our Blue Heeler Titan even loves Rolling on Stones

Let's face it dogs enjoy a holiday too.  Especially walks in the bush and trips to the beach especially if they love the ocean.

So think again before you leave your lovable dog home with people that do not really care for them. In some cases a dog will fret and not eat because they miss their masters.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have you wondered if you could build your own Gates or Garage doors

If you are a general handyman and can work with either timber or weld steel then you could save money by building your own gates or Garage door on your patio to give you more security.

Many insurance companies now require you to have your vehicles kept behind locked doors on your property. Therefore by adding doors to your car port your vehicle will be more secure.

Yes you can pay someone to add a flash roller door in an assortment of designs.  Although it will cost you much more out of your income.

You can save more money by building a garage or shed door yourself.  By doing it in your own time you will not be paying out a trade persons exorbitant rates.

After reading this article, if you need to add shelves in your shed then this article will lead you to another helpful article on adding shelving.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Use your blog to backlink and showcase your writing

Thousands of people are earning money on the internet by writing from home. They may have spent hours writing the articles but unless they are seen they will not be read.

More people are achieving success by using their blog to showcase their writing on Info barrel or other sites.  Not only will people read their work they may click on one of their ads and earn even more money.

Types of blogs

Your blog can be a niche site for making crafts, like woodwork, lead lighting, or ways to earn money from writing.  Then again you may want to show and display some of your beautiful photos to people that cant afford or only dream of traveling to.  Or your photos may give them ideas on where to spend their next holiday because of your descriptions and photos of those places.

If you have a knowledge of music then you use your blog to sell musical instruments like guitars, or teach beginners the basics on how to play one.

There are thousands of reasons to create a blog of your own and at the same time use it to create natural back links to other writing sites or other blogs.