Monday, May 18, 2015

Writing as a Family With Similar Craft Interests

I have enjoyed writing for years as a novice although I now write together with my daughter on another site.  We share the same interests like photography, crafts,  mosaics, crochet, and my husband also enjoys working with glass which we love the things he makes.

This is Sharon's latest project of Mosaics the nearly finished bird bath that will go next to their fish pond. Do you think the birds will think they will catch a fish for dinner when they first get to see this?

Looks great now it finished.

My daughter works full time yet she still has time to do these and believe me it is not always easy. Especially as she has teenagers that keep her busy as they are both planning their weddings one year apart, so she has to save for these too.  Many times she has cuts all over her fingers from cutting tiles and when she includes glass into her creations as this is sharper still when creating these things.

Personally I prefer to travel, although yes I do crochet, create shell novelties and spend time with my camera taking photos of birds.  This is another interest that we share as Sharon has a bigger camera and lens than me and takes her photography more serious.

We share all the things we do on her site at Infobarrel