Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Earn Money Writing My Collection of Articles on Different Types of Writing

I am writing this article to show new writers that there are many different ways of earning money from your writing.  No you don’t have to settle for writing helpful articles on a variety of subjects, you can write Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, or if you don’t think you can write fictional stories then you could even write autobiographies.

Or you may want to become a ghost writer; there are so many ways to enjoy making an income even in your own home from a variety of the above types of writing.

For that reason I have compiled a list of links to some of my various articles on different types of writing. There are also links on those pages of other types of articles that may be of interest.

Correct use of words

I am one of many that have difficulties using the right words and knowing how to structure sentences in the correct way.  Yes I was born in Australia so the English language should be easier for me.  That is the reason I gave up writing fiction and turned to article writing because for me I could write how I felt about a subject.  Without being continually chastised on my choice of dialogue or choice of words.

I wrote this article; “English words- How to write the rightwords“for that reason in the hope that it would help others to learn that little bit extra and prevent them from making those mistakes.  There is also another link to an article regarding homophones that I did not write although you could find it very useful.

Save everything you write

No matter what you write you have to save a copy of it on your computer.  Otherwise while if you type your article into the web page on the net there may be a power failure and you have lost all your hard work.  It is a good idea to write your articles in word and then save and backup your work onto a spare disk. If you have a problem or virus on your computer you still have a copy.

How to find ideas before you write an article

If you would like to try writing articles about anything at all then "How to find ideas on writing an article" may interest you. You will learn to write about the things you have experienced yourself.  Understand that you need to research your information and make sure that you know all the facts.  No, I do not mean copy another person’s article that would be plagiarism.  It is illegal to copy words from another article. Yes you can read lots of articles for information, and then put the information you have learned into your own words. Or you can write an article from a different perspective.  You may see an article on how to catch fish. You could write your own article on the correct bait or lures to catch those species of fish.

If you decide to become a freelance writer then you have to keep accurate records of where and who you wrote your particular articles.

Tips on finding ideas to write short stories

If you are good at using your imagination and making up stories then fiction may be an interesting way of earning money.  If you need to "find ideas before you write short stories" you need to do your research what companies publish the type of short story that you enjoy writing.  If you want to write murder mysteries then do not send them to a romance publisher.

Learn how to write correct dialogue. If you have a quiet female in your story, do not use aggressive language.  At the same time match the dialect to the country of the origin of the person.

Tips for writing the fictional novel

Novel writing is not for the faint hearted. "My Tips for writing the fictional novel" In most cases you would need to write at least 10,000 words. Yes you would need to be more experienced at writing before embarking on your dream of writing that novel.

A novel will take a lot of plotting. With twists and turns leading the reader to think they know what is going to happen, then you throw in a twist to throw them in a different direction.  Novels need action to keep the reader’s attention or they will put the book down and never pick it up again.

Creative Writing Courses- Advantages and Disadvantages

If you think you need a bit of help on learning how to write stories or the correct way to use dialogue then a writing course could be a big help get you on the right track. Writing courses help to encourage you when down in the dumps because you cannot get your article or story the way you need.  Or you may have run out of ideas.  Writers block can happen to anyone.  If this happens go for a walk, listen to people talking on the phone or bus and make sure you take a notebook with you to jot down new ideas.

Ask them for help or advice on different aspects of your writing.  This is the advantage of joining up for a writing course.  There are Advantages and disadvantages for online writing courses and correspondence writing courses, what suits one person may not suit another that is a personal choice.

People think it is easy to sit in front of a computer typing out masterpieces. You will soon learn that writing takes dedication, persistence and hard work like any other job.


  1. Eileen,
    Your articles are always encouraging! I hope the people that need them the most get to see them. Its been a long road for all of us thats for sure. Psst...I was born in the USA and my English sux! :)

  2. RantinRaven, Thanks for that yes we all need encouragement from time to time. Even some of us oldies. And we can still learn something new each day if we keep looking for new challenges.

  3. thanks for stopping by and commenting rivai