Sunday, June 19, 2011

Learn How to Start Earning Money from Writing

If you are interested in earning money in your spare time on your home computer by writing then this is the article that will help to get you started. 
You will need to learn a few of the basics before you get started. 
Writing Articles about things that you have experienced yourself is the best way to get started. Everyone can write about something, if they think about the things they have done over their lifetime.

Never do the following:
  • Never pay marketing gurus for a get rich quick system you only help them
  • Never pay to join a writing site as they should be free
Do this and you will start to earn money:
  • Always write informative articles to help people
  • back link your articles to reputable sites
  • Spell check your work before uploading
  • Add images to your articles as these earn you more money
  • Write more than 600 words
  • Read other writers articles and comment on them they will usually return the favor
  • Read all the to do's of all sites before uploading articles

How to get you started

That should give you an idea of the variety of topics that anyone can write about.  Now you need to think about how you will write it.

Beginning: You need to catch the readers attention by wetting their interest in what you are writing about.  

Middle:  This is where you inform them on how to make or do something or explain different information about your topic so they will learn something new.

End:  You need to finish of  by summarizing the information and main points of your article. And you can also give them information on where they can learn more on this subject. 

There are many ways of learning tips on how to earn money from writing articles on the internet.

You can research the use of SEO and how to find the best keywords on the internet. Or you could buy books on  ways for using words in your articles. Whichever way you decide upon you will need to read, read and read to improve the way you write and earn money on the internet.

For instance you can leave a link like the following for them to go and learn more       
Now if you are itching to get Started:

Look at the panel on the right and click to Join one of those sites :Infobarrel, Hubpages, RedGage or somewhere entirely different and start writing and earning money for yourself. No it won't happen overnight but it will happen if you persist, and every little bit helps to pay those bills.  Good Luck.


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