Friday, July 1, 2011

West Australian Daniel Ricciardo joins the F1 big boys in England

Daniel Ricciardo started off his racing career like many other boys at a young age in Go-Karts.  His continued success has finally led him to live the dream of finally being able to race with the big boys in F1 at the Silverstone track in England.

It will be the first time that two Australians will line up on the grid together.  Mark Webber  a veteran F1 driver has always been a local hero.  He never complains when facing a variety of challengers, or blames anyone else if something does not go his way.

Mark Webber is a true gentleman and a good person to set an example to other drivers.  If Daniel Ricciardo shows as much diplomacy as Mark in his racing career with F1 he will also have a great number of loyal followers.

Ricciardo made people really take notice with his test drive at Abu Dhabi last season, after lapping 1.5 seconds faster that Vettels winning pole time earlier in the week. If he could do it then what will this week coming prove when driving with the rest of the F1 drivers.

Many Formula 1 Drivers started their careers out in racing go- karts when young.

Good luck to the two Australians racing in England.


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